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Do you want your operations team to focus on high value added tasks?

Processing documents that can be automated confers no useful skills. Leverage the latest tech to liberate your team from simple work.

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Start your automation journey with Hypatos & get access to...

Continual improvement

Deep learning model performance can degrade with time if models are not maintain. We continuously improve our models

GDPR, CCPA compliance support

Whether you are from US, EU or India, your data remains in your region

APIs and connectors for fast integration

Our integration libraries support integrations to  ERP, ECM or RPA systems. All our products expose REST APIs for easy integration

Domain expert support

We have been working on document automation for most of this decade. We can suggest solutions to both common and rare document processing challenges

World class document extraction

Whether you use our models just to extract data or for end-to-end document processing, you get world class models for document extraction

Technical support

Support in line with our SLAs