About Hypatos


Hypatos will enable a future where AI accelerates business operations, allowing humans to make decisions and design innovative solutions


Hypatos adds value to critical business operations using third wave AI and advanced automation technologies for document processing. By replacing routine and complex tasks with intelligent solutions, we are unlocking human potential and reshaping the workplace. As AI agents manage administrative tasks efficiently, accurately and cost effectively, people focus on strategic decisions and designing innovative solutions to bring business to the next level.

Our awards

Leader in no-code document automation

Major Contender in Document AI

Recognized as next-gen IDP scale-up

Our Management

Dr. Uli Erxleben
Adra Balissa
VP People
Luca van Skyhawk
Dr. He Zhang
Igor Drobiazko
Dawid Sawicki
VP Finance

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Our journey

The Document Processing Manifesto published, by Dr. Ulrich Exleben and the other founding members


Hypatos GmbH founded in Potsdam

December 2018

Hypatos 1.0 (CNN & RNN) launched

October 2019

Hypatos and SAP global partner agreement

October 2019

First global Enterprise roll-out in Europe, Asia and US completed

April 2020

Hypatos 2.0 launched (CNN & transformer)

February 2021

EUR 30mn growth funding

April 2020

Use case expansion: P2P, O2C, H2R & insurance claims

Beginning 2022

US market entry (Hypatos Inc.) with office in Miami

April 2022

Hypatos 3.0 released (LLM and specialized transformer)

January 2023

Launch of 1st fully autonomous AI agent for invoice processing and accounting

January 2024

Our Values & Principles


Client-value first: Delivering business value to our clients by having real, measurable impact on quality and efficiency in document workflows is our primary goal. Trust and buy-in of the people that work with our technology enables us to achieve that goal. Clients can rely on us to put their interests first. 

Foster Innovation: Our commitment to our clients means that we must strive to always be distruptive and ahead of the trend to offer our clients the most efficient solution on the market so that they too will always stay competitive. 

Data-driven learning: Continual learning based on data is the core principle of what we do. More good data elevates not only our machine learning models but also Hypatos as an organization. Collecting data, learning from it, adapting, and constantly innovating is our attitude. This applies to client-centric product decisions as well as for everyday feedback between colleagues.

Be the best place to work: We strive to be the best place to work to attract the best talent, develop it to its full potential, and retain it for the long run. We foster inclusion and equity. We expect positivity, open dialogue and mutual empowerment. For us this means giving each other the benefit of the doubt that we all strive towards the goal, even if we do it in different ways; promote learning and development among our employees and ensure they have all the tools they need to take ownership of topics and make independent decisions; and give each other constructive and direct feedback to help them improve and succeed.


“Freedom and Responsibility” - We trust our people to make the right decisions. That is the reason that everyone at Hypatos is free to make their own decisions with as little approval as possible and they are also ulitmately responsible for the outcomes of those decisions.

“Leading by Context” - it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to lead our projects or our teams by educating our colleagues about the company’s values, principles and goals in order to provide them with all the tools to make an independent and informed decison in the best interest of the company. 

“yes, and…” - to foster successful cooperation we enable each other’s ideas by always being open to their way of thought, always trying to find the best ways to implement them: a CAN DO Attitude

Our offices

Potsdam Office
Hypatos GmbH
c/o Unicorn Workspaces
Am Neuen Markt 9 E-F, 14467 Potsdam, Germany
New York Office
Hypatos Inc.
c/o WeWork
524 Broadway, New York,
NY 10012, USA
Berlin Office
Hypatos GmbH
c/o Mindspace
Zimmerstraße 78, 10117
Wroclaw Office
Hypatos GmbH
c/o Silver Office Center
Plac Konstytucji 3, Maja 3,50-083,
Wrocław, Poland
Miami Office
Hypatos Inc.
c/o WeWork
429 Lenox Ave Miami Beach,
FL 33139, USA

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