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Unlock unparalleled savings in document processing & make AI work for people

Hypatos offers a human-centric platform with market-leading AI components to enable Hyperautomation of documents

Hypatos Market leading AI models

Market-leading AI services

Hypatos delivers best-in-market AI to support document hyperautomation. Our AI components allow for quality information extraction, and automation of processing documents into upstream systems


Document AI

Ingest and pre-process documents, extract information and understanding and validate data quality

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Processing AI

Automate processing of information in upstream systems by matching master data & training AI based on historical processing

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Human-centric AI applications

Hypatos Suite

One platform and ‘adapters’ for different types of documents



A no-code user application to annotate, validate and complete processed documents



Analytics and reporting to track automation end-to-end, analyze data consistency, and monitor document & dataflows


Model Hub

Model hub enables no-code training and deployment of AI models to improve information extraction outcomes

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Value to your business

Completely configuration free

You reduce the time taken out of already busy days, and you reduce maintenance, complexity and operational costs


Optimizing operations frees up human time for higher value activity such as Data Interpretation, Decision Making and Operational Process Improvements


With up to 100% automation available, the platform significantly reduces the risk of errors, which also means data is more accurate. Superior efficiency and productivity with an AI agent.

Exclusively human

Eliminates complexity, you treat the agent as an assistant.

Fully Audited

Delivers full transparency of activity and allowing full control of your environment.​

Hypatos automation infrastructure
Hypatos unlocks value across wide range of use cases

Let's develop your plan for Document Hyperautomation

Regardless of your existing document processing capabilities or infrastructure, our team will deliver low-hassle enablement of document hyperautomation in your business

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