Document Hyperautomation

Deep learning based end-to-end automation unlocking unparalled savings in document processing.

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Stop manual document processing

Manual document processing is slow, costly and error-prone leading to fraud and overpayments. Your company is manually processing documents since current technologies are inaccurate or focus only on data capture.

End-to-end automation

Competitors provide data extraction while we extract, validate and enrich data. This means humans only look at complex cases while the rest are completely auto processed.


Classify documents by type and region for correct processing.

Information extraction

Deep learning models capture and transform information into structured data.

Scanned Invoice


Check documents for tax compliance, duplicates or fraud.

Processed and categorised Invoices


Advanced document understanding allows automation of complex tasks like accounting.

Smart document
Deep Learning System

Deep learning powered

We are using deep learning ever since it was proven to be successful in image processing. Our models rely on millions of annotated documents.

Integration Libraries

Plug & play integration libraries enabling seamless 2-way communication with input channels like email and folders as well as downstream systems like ECM or ERP

Finger touching interface

Optional: Human Validation

Clients are able to apply specific validation rules to the structured data. And data can be manually adjusted and enriched.

5% of invoice outpayments are excessive

RPA or (i)OCR are partial solutions

Though they are popular solutions, enterprises can not get above ±20% automation with these technologies.

RPA is best for rules based processes, not documents

Intelligent OCR is a technology from the 90s

Two graphs showing the difference of excessive Payments without Hypatos
Volume of invoices
Excessive payments
Hypatos document processing

Fast reliable document hyperautomation

Technology network

Unparalleled automation

Hypatos automates every stage of document processing at a high level of accuracy thanks to our deep learning technology honed over years with enterprise clients.

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The more documents you automate and the more you save, the better for us. We commit to automation rates identified during our enterprise PoCs. If we fail to achieve them, you get discounts.

Finger touching interface


We train personnel within 30 minutes thanks to our intuitive and modern user interface.

Big corporate Building

Trusted by Fortune 500

20+ Fortune 500 clients rely on Hypatos.

Fast clock

Fast deployment

Deployed within weeks to Fortune 500 clients thanks to broad set of integration libraries.

Cloud Storage

Cloud or on-premise

Deploy where you like: We have clients on public, private clouds or on-prem.

Do you want your operations team to focus on high value added tasks?

Processing documents that can be automated confers no useful skills. Leverage the latest tech to liberate your team from simple work.

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