Hypatos Document AI

Our market-leading Document AI ensures best-in-class extraction

Extracting document information in an autonomous manner, without the need for manual and extensive training of a robot, is now achievable with Hypatos' pre-trained Document AI. It works seamlessly across diverse document types, vendor layouts, and languages, eliminating the burdensome task of managing countless templates. Automate any document, whether it's handwritten, in PDF format, or an image, straight out of the box.

Key features

Document Classification

Categorize, sort and route incoming documents to ensure optimal extraction models are leveraged, improving the baseline accuracy

Information extraction

Extract information from document and understand the document contextually to improve extraction accuracy and structuring of data into target systems


Validate extracted information against business rules and target state data formatting to enhance data consistency and quality

Ready for your essential documents - and much more

Documents in, data out - regardless of document format

Our document AI extracts information across your key transactional types; Invoices, tax statements, receipts, loan applications, claims, delivery notes and +20 other document types

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Processing AI

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