Transactional documents

Unlock savings for processing transactional documents

Hypatos is not limited to specific use cases; our AI services as flexible, which allows handling of many types of transactional business documents. From invoices to purchase orders, shipping documents and delivery notes, we offer document processing that significantly reduces cost of processing.

How it works


Ingest Documents

Documents are ingested into Hypatos. We are able to handle a broad variety of sources such as Mail, RPA, Scans, Xml, DMS and many more.

Automated invoice intake from all input channels
AI document & page classification
Automated document routing and sorting
Advanced duplicate detection
Document handling and rejections

Extract & validate

Extract, understand & structure data, and allow human-in-the-loop for approval of the data. With continual learning, the AI models learns from previous document processing to improve future processing.

High accuracy capturing of ALL document information
More than 50 pre-trained AIs incl. Asian, Arabic, Cirllic languages
Precise Line-item level capturing
Continuous model learning & customization, no work required
Advanced data validation and compliance checks (e.g. EU VAT tax directive)

Process documents in workflows

Once information is extracted and validated from documents, Hypatos Cognitive Process Automation can leverage historical data in your systems to assign coding to the document to process the document further in the workflow, e.g. ledger accounts

Advanced masterdata integration and automated matching
Automation of invoice line item specific PO-matching
Auto-Accouting based on language understanding and self-learning from historic accounting data
Document Hyperautomation

Unlock large productivity gains &
lower error rates

With Hypatos your P2P documents will benefit from AI to:

Classify document
Extract information
Validate data
Structure data
Code into workflow
Impact of Hypatos

Increase productivity, reduce processing time & lower errors

Your benefits across all document processing cases

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce cost to extract and process documents

Instant processing

Remove bottlenecks and enhance resilience
with AI

Shift to high-value tasks

Transition teams to focus on higher-value tasks by reducing manual extraction

Higher quality, more detail

Leveraging Hypatos does not only improve accuracy; it also improves number of variables you extract

Unleash the potential of your people and business

Shift your operations teams to high-value tasks by enabling Autonomous Finance

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