Who can benefit from Hypatos?

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Hypatos serves finance and accounting teams by expediting the delivery of essential financial insights, aiding in swift decision-making, diminishing DSO, and automating monotonous, error-prone manual tasks.

Accounts Payable Finance Team

Hypatos optimizes responsiveness and serviceability to vendors through the automation of responses, efficient payment streamlining, prioritization of Accounts Payable (AP) team performance, and adept handling of inbox inquiries. The generated data is leveraged to offer crucial insights into cash performance.

Efficiently manage procurement spend and extract data from both structured and unstructured documents using Hypatos. Automatically process email content, discern finance-specific intent, and securely communicate with authorized vendors, safeguarding sensitive payment information. Mitigate fraud and risk by gaining real-time insights into invoices, purchase orders, approvals, and payments.

Minimize Manual Tasks
Enhance Accuracy
Mitigate Risk

Accounts Receivable Finance Teams

Hypatos enhances responsiveness and service capabilities for both internal and external customers by automating responses, streamlining collections, expediting payments, optimizing AR team performance, and managing inbox inquiries. The data generated is leveraged to offer crucial insights into cash performance.

Facilitate swift order-to-cash business processes through intelligent, conversational correspondence automation that dynamically prioritizes worklists for collections teams, resulting in improved cash flow. Attain comprehensive coverage for end-to-end tracking, fulfillment, and reconciliation of payments to enhance overall productivity and effectiveness.

Even if you are utilizing a traditional AR automation solution, Hypatos's conversational AI bridges gaps by providing prompt email responses to customers and offering convenient options for accepting payments—often requiring minimal human intervention.

Accelerate Collections
Enhance Efficiency
Boost Productivity by >10%
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Chief Financial Officer

Hypatos empowers CFOs to modernize their back offices by integrating artificial intelligence and automation into every business process under the CFOs' management and control. This advanced technology provides real-time data on cash flow performance, delivering precise insights, reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), and improving DSO/DPO ratios.

Hypatos seamlessly integrates with record-keeping systems and serves as an engagement system, utilizing the generated data to provide crucial insights into cash performance. Transform your finance office into a cutting-edge, efficient, digital engine while rationalizing general and administrative costs. Enhance efficiency by eliminating the repetition of manual tasks and optimizing process execution.

Optimize Decision-Making
Reduce Payroll Costs
Mitigate Risk
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Financial and Corporate Controllers

As businesses expand, the demands on accounting, procurement, and collections teams intensify. Hypatos streamlines routine tasks by automating workflows, including vendor onboarding, extraction of vendor invoice data, accrual journal entries, and aggregation of tax documentation, all with minimal human intervention.

Hypatos systematically gathers evidentiary data for accounting transactions, supporting monthly and quarterly closures and meeting GAAP audit requirements. It seamlessly integrates with record-keeping systems such as ERP applications, procurement systems, and revenue operations platforms. Hypatos functions as an engagement system, utilizing the generated data to provide crucial insights into cash performance.

Enhance Cash Flow
Expedite Closing Processes
Mitigate Risk
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Financial Planning & Analytics Team

Hypatos improves financial reporting by automating routine tasks and capturing real-time data for informed insights and decision-making. Through seamless integration with systems of record, Hypatos functions as a system of engagement, optimizing journal entry creation, overseeing accrual capture, and reconciling bank statement matching. The generated data is utilized to provide crucial insights into cash performance.

Replace tedious, repetitive, and error-prone manual processes with intelligent, autonomous task execution and analytics. Utilize Hypatos to swiftly identify financial risks and anomalies, thereby minimizing accounting errors and infractions.

Mitigate Risk
Enhance Accuracy
Streamline Close Processes
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Shared Services Teams

Hypatos enables global business owners to standardize accounting processes, significantly boosting efficiency and productivity across finance shared services without the need to expand headcount. With Hypatos, leaders of shared services ensure the seamless and accurate execution of routine tasks, responding swiftly to a growing volume of inquiries. This is achieved through a straightforward, intelligent solution that enhances human workflow without unnecessary complexity.

Shared services teams, responsible for managing vendor and customer inquiries, addressing disputed charges, and resolving payment issues, leverage Hypatos for automated, real-time handling of these requests. Hypatos provides essential, timely information, facilitating improved decision-making and accelerating time-to-value. This empowers shared services teams to deliver superior global customer and vendor experiences.

Cost Reduction
Process Standardization
Enhanced Service Levels
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Hire to Retire Teams

Hypatos transforms your business future with seamless hire-to-retire process automation, optimizing recruitment, and fostering employee retention. Unlock substantial time and cost savings while fortifying resilience against the unpredictable shifts in the HR landscape.

Experience tailored benefits across critical HR functions such as payroll, onboarding, recruiting and applicant tracking, employee engagemnet, benefit tracking and travel expenses.

Cost Reduction
Process Standardization
Elevated Service Levels
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Finance Transformation Teams

Hypatos empowers IT and finance transformation teams to execute intuitive setup and maintenance, ensuring a swift implementation and a rapid return on investment (ROI) to support finance and accounting initiatives. Hypatos alleviates the workload on IT teams, enabling a more effective and efficient delivery of technical projects aligned with organizational objectives.

Offering the most robust and easily accessible technology, Hypatos maintains sets of cognitive accounting workflows delivered through a secure, compliant, cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) application. Hypatos seamlessly integrates into existing IT environments through modern APIs and holds certifications with ERP applications, facilitating a seamless deployment and maintenance process.

Strengthen Security
Mitigate Risk
Streamline Support
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