Hypatos Suite

We deliver a human-centric platform with 3 components to empower your people

Hypatos Suite step-changes the capabilities and quality of document processing through intuitive no-code applications, which empowers your people to control the process end-to-end - from ingestions to transparency into AI


Easy-to-use interface to manage, annotate & validate documents

Hypatos Studio is the no-code user application that enables human-in-the-loop for both Document AI and Cognitive Process Automation. Document modifications are made in Studio to simplify and accelerate document completion steps required for automation. Additionally, the updates made by the user also further train Hypatos AI models.

Document ingestion & annotation
Manage & validate documents
End-to-end process control

Empower decision-making in document processing.

Hypatos Insights deliver powerful business analytics that allows data-driven insights and empower decision-making in document processing. Increase transparency for both company document processing processes and Hypatos AI performance – to further enhance continuous improvements and automation in documents processing

End-to-end control & transparency
Model Hub

No-code training and deployment of AI

Our model hub allows the user to train and deploy new AI models as documents are processed to continuously improve automation capabilities

Configure AI models
Train AI models
Deploy AI models
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Document AI

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Processing AI

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