Accounts Payable

Revolutionizing Enterprise Efficiency with Hyperautomation and Generative AI Solutions

Hypatos specializes in document hyperautomation for medium to large enterprises, utilizing generative AI to streamline end-to-end business processes. Our customizable platform enables automation for both repetitive and complex tasks in financial document processing. Seamless AI integration into existing workflows allows direct team training, covering end-to-end automation, potentially eliminating up to 100% of document processing efforts for a streamlined and adaptive business solution.

The Hypatos AI Agent for accounts payable teams

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Hypatos’ AI-driven platform, Hypatos Studio, excels in extracting crucial information from invoices, including document type, number, line item details, and more. The system's accuracy and automation rates surpass human capabilities, and it performs checks to ensure data accuracy, even integrating with your existing records.

Comprehensive Data Enrichment

Beyond extraction, Hypatos’ AI goes further by identifying additional data points, such as the first approver, payment information, tax details, and general ledger accounts. The system also offers flexibility in utilizing composite enrichment at the item level, tailoring it to unique requirements.

Efficient Purchase Order Handling

In scenarios involving purchase orders, Hypatos excels at automating the matching of invoice information with purchase order items in your ERP system, facilitating a comprehensive three-way match at the item level. The technology offers a streamlined solution for optimizing accounts payable processes in the finance industry.

Your benefits across all document processing cases

Efficient Task Automation

Reduce manual data entry, allowing your accounts payable team to focus on strategic and value-added activities.

Handling Complexity

Automate intricate and resource-intensive processes, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Enjoy a smooth transition to automated processes without a complete overhaul of existing systems, saving time and costs.

Continuous Learning

Facilitate continuous learning as the AI agent evolves directly from your business application workflows.

End-to-End Automation

Achieve comprehensive automation, potentially eliminating up to 100% of document processing efforts.

Natural Language Interaction

Enhance the user experience with exclusive interaction using natural human language.

Analytical Dashboards and Audit Trail

Monitor and track financial activities with analytical dashboards providing a complete audit trail of transactions

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Minimize the risk of human errors, leading to higher accuracy in financial document processing.

Unleash the potential of your people and business

Shift your operations teams to high-value tasks by enabling Autonomous Finance