Hypatos Processing AI

Automate domain expertise activities in the processing of documents

Hypatos Processing AI streamlines various tasks by leveraging human-level language understanding and learning from operator-generated data, enabling it to manage context-specific information such as G/L and cost accounting, workflow approval automation, insurance policy classification, and countless other use cases. This results in substantial cost savings and improved data quality through less errors and a higher consistency in the data produced. An essential asset for an autonomous backoffce.

Key features

Master data matching

Match documents against data ground-truth in existing systems to ensure streamlined data with high consistency

Attribute prediction

Leverage historical data to train and predict critical processing attributes, i.e. accounting or workflow coding

Document hyperautomation

Document AI and Cognitive Process Automation together provides Document Hyperautomation with 20x work productivity

Automation beyond information extraction

Automate today's cognitive tasks in document processes

Based on historical processing of similar documents, our AI assigns the correct attributes to process the document.

  1. The extracted document information goes into Hypatos Processing AI

  2. The data is analyzed based on historical processing of similar documents, then our AI assigns the correct attributes to process the document

  3. The coding of the document is complete, and can be reviewed by operators if needed

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