Use cases

Unlock unparalleled savings across wide set of use case

We provide domain-specific solutions for end-to-end document hyperautomation. Our flexible technology can serve documents in numerous domains with the capacity to classify, extract data from, validate and enrich documents

Finance operations


At the core of your finance operations is purchase-to-pay. Today, these are often slow, manual, costly, error prone processes - but with Hypatos it does not have to be

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Accounts Payable

Enterprise Efficiency with Hyperautomation and Generative AI Solutions

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Travel Expense

T&E processes can include up to 10% excessive payments and compliance risks - let's get rid of that

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Faster order fulfillment leads to lower cancellation rates. Secure revenues with Hypatos document hyperautomation

Additional Use Cases

Claims handling
Loan applications
Tax compliance
ESG reporting
Transactional documents

Your benefits across all document processing cases

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce costs to extract and process documents

Instant processing

Remove bottlenecks and enhance resilience
with AI

Shift to high-value tasks

Transition teams to focus on higher-value tasks by reducing manual extraction

Higher quality, more detail

Leveraging Hypatos does not only improve accuracy; it also improves number of variables you extract

Unleash the potential of your people and business

Shift your operations teams to high-value tasks by enabling Autonomous Finance