Press Release: Hypatos Joins the Boomi Technology Partner Program

Hypatos Team
December 4, 2023
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Berlin, Germany- Hypatos GmbH, the leading Document Hyperautomation company, today announced it has joined the Boomi Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by enabling autonomous back-office operations with next generation AI.

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The Hypatos partner connector complements Boomi’s integration platform by providing joint customers with the ability to integrate their core systems (ERP, P2P, BSM etc.) with Hypatos platforms that leverage next-generation AI and advance ML. With Hypatos, customers can automate high-volume repetitive document processing tasks, ensuring a highly accurateend-to-end automation rate.

The Hypatos solution leverages the existing Boomi framework for building partner connectors, providing the Boomi platform users with a no-code interface where they can easily and in a timely manner setup a connection to Hypatos APIs and use them to perform various operations such as:

·      Upload/download documents to/from Hypatos Studio

·      Retrieve document processing results and document images from Hypatos Studio

·      Synchronize master data records in Hypatos Enrichment Service

Data exchanged from the above operations can be further transformed and mapped within the Boomi platform to be shared with other core systems currently accessible within the Boomi platform.

Dr. Uli Erxleben, Founder and CEO of Hypatos says: “The collaboration with Boomi marks a pivotal moment in our journey, where the power of intelligent document processing meets the seamless integration capabilities of Boomi. Together,we're not just connecting data; we're shaping the future of automated intelligence,driving efficiency, and unlocking unprecedented value for businesses worldwide."

Reggie Penn, Global Head of Technology Alliances at Boomi says: “The partnership with Hypatos offers our mutual customers advanced AI technology to provide a seamless and efficient solution for back-office operations that will drive business growth and success."

The Boomi Technology Partner Program consists of software companies across multiple applications such as EDA, ERP, EDI, MFT and AI that reaches across various industries including government, education, financial services,healthcare and manufacturing. Boomi provides organizations with greater scalability and greater control over data orchestration between application transactions, allowing connectivity to scale as organizations adopt a wider range of solutions. Customers can learn more about the Hypatos and Boomi partnership by visiting:

About Hypatos

Hypatos, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a leader in document hyperautomation. We enable autonomous back-office operations with next generation AI empowering organization to transition into the future, today.

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