Hyperautomation and Innovation - Next Generation Intelligent Document Processing with Generative and Specialized AI

By way of example, a major retailer and fashion brand aims to coordinate and streamline its document processing efforts across dozens of offices worldwide through Next-gen AI for autonomous document processing.

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Read about topics like:

High data capture rate across all document types

>98% data capture rate, including data types that have traditionally proved difficult or impossible to ac- curately extract (e.g., line items and handwriting)

Off-the-shelf functionality

Immediate ROI with AI that works off-the-shelf. There is no need for individual templates or rules-based automation.

Low-effort training

AI training directly from ERP and workflow data with no need for annotation. Continuous learning and improvement is built-in.

Language support

Support for a wide range of languages, including Arabic, Eastern Asian, and Cyrillic, with built-in translation functions.

Advanced functionality

Alongside data capture, Hypatos’ solution offers sum- marizations of document content. Additionally, it offers document sorting and routing

Prompt-based configuration

No-code/low-code prompt-based configuration designed with “citizen developers” in mind.

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