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We are excited to invite you to Shared Services Week 2024 in Lisbon, set for May 14-16. This event gathers thought leaders to dissect the most forward-looking trends, innovations and strategies that are transforming shared service centers.

Exclusive session: The Future of Global Business Services by Hypatos x Holcim at SSOW Lisbon

Join us for an exclusive session where we unveil our ground-breaking partnership with Holcim Global Hub Business Services.

Thanks to our private LLMs and generative AI, Holcim achieved over 95% end-to-end automation in Source-to-Pay (S2P) operations, resulting in significant process efficiency gains, cost savings, and strategic resource reallocation.

In this session you will:

Zoom in on a success story with actionable insights: Holcim's journey, achieving over 95% automation in S2P services
Access a comprehensive blueprint on process autonomy, covering both technological and organizational aspects.
Explore the innovative use of private LLMs and generative AI within the SSC framework for significant operational improvements.
Learn about the human-centric approach in shifting from repetitive data entry roles to strategic positions, promoting employee development and job satisfaction.
Get practical guidance in navigating implementation challenges in global organizations, ensuring a smooth adoption of AI

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Dr. Uli Erxleben
Founder & CEO
Lucía Ferreiro Martínez
Senior Customer
Success Manager
Denitza Velcheva
Product Marketing Manager
Tobias Eisenbart
Strategic Value Consultant

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Hypatos is a leading provider of document hyperautomation for medium to large enterprises, leveraging generative AI to optimize efficiency and accuracy in processing large document volumes.

We add value to critical business operations using third wave AI and advanced automation technologies for document processing. By replacing routine and complex tasks with intelligent solutions, we are unlocking human potential and reshaping the workplace.

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