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Our mission:

Bringing the potential of artificial intelligence to automate back office processes and elevate human potential.

Companies of all sizes rely on Hypatos to automate back office processes. Our document hyperautomation solution achieves 5x productivity benefits vs existing approaches and is covered by industry analysts like Everest and Gartner.

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Team Quotes

Anke Lempart

“With Hypatos, I took on responsibilities and challenges. I was able to work with international and diverse teams, all characterized by ambition and drive. The three things that still amaze me: the "always moving forward"-mentality, the strong continuous learning experiences, and the fun at work”

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Jil Berning
Sr. Product Manager

“I really enjoy working at Hypatos, especially because they trust me to do my job, don't shy away from passing on responsibility and give me the chance to have a direct impact on the company and end product.
The team is welcoming, smart and a lot of fun, and everyone is striving to make this a better workplace.”

Cem Dilmegani
Chief Commercial Officer

“I'm very happy to be a part of a company that invests so much effort in its culture. Even a great culture could be improved!”

Company Values


User Obsession

We don’t build technology for technology’s case. We build solutions for users. Our user obsessions helped us in focusing on processes in an end-to-end manner achieving unparalled automation rates.



Tens of failures build up to an achievement and despite how many times you fail, the next time is still hard. Our team provides a caring environment where experimentation and learning from mistakes are encouraged.


Inclusive and diverse

We believe that diverse companies are better companies. We welcome individuals of all ages, national origins, ethnic groups, belief systems, sexual orientations, gender identities and/or expressions.

Join the rocket ship!

An outstanding team of technologists in our product, system engineering and data science squads in Berlin, Kiev and Warsaw build our solutions. They are supported by a diverse team in Berlin and New York. We have a wide range of professional, academic and personal backgrounds.

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