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Document processing with market-leading AI & human-centric platform

Hypatos enables autonomous finance by delivering superior data for secure backend system processing - Balancing humans and machines to accelerate business.

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The next frontier in document processing

Document Hyperautomation

Market-leading Document AI

Our market-leading Document AI ensures best-in-class extraction accuracy, quality and detail for documents from the get-go with 5x accuracy uplift compared to market-leading (i)OCR - while improving over time to continue liberating your people from manual document processing

End-to-end document hyperautomation

Furthermore, our end-to-end document hyperautomation capabilities enable document coding that processes documents in their downstream systems and processes. This results in 20x productivity uplift

Human-centric platform

We provide a human-in-the-loop platform that allows no-code annotation, validation, completion and routing of documents - all while providing powerful business analytics

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Value to your business

Completely configuration free

You reduce the time taken out of already busy days, and you reduce maintenance, complexity and operational costs


Optimizing operations frees up human time for higher value activity such as Data Interpretation, Decision Making and Operational Process Improvements


With up to 100% automation available, the platform significantly reduces the risk of errors, which also means data is more accurate. Superior efficiency and productivity with an AI agent.

Exclusively human

Eliminates complexity, you treat the agent as an assistant.

Fully Audited

Delivers full transparency of activity and allowing full control of your environment.​

Why others like to work with us

“Hypatos helps us to solve the most complex data capturing problems in insurance claims”

“Hypatos with services from Iron Mountain enables us to redesign the groups global invoice entry and processing in the most scalable and future-ready way”

“Hypatos is instrumental to get our global accounts payable processing ready for the future“

Integrates with core systems

Enjoy a smooth integration into your existing core systems to spend less time on integration hassle and more time automating document processing

Tailored to your needs

Our Platform

One platform and ‘adapters’ for different types of documents 

Hypatos Suite


Hypatos Studio is a no-code user application that enables human-in-the-loop annotation, validation and completion of processed documents


Analytics and reporting platform for business analysts and management to track automation end-to-end, analyze data consistency, and monitor document & dataflows

Model Hub

Model hub enables no-code training and deployment of AI models to improve information extraction outcomes

Hypatos Document AI

Ingest and pre-process documents, extract information and understanding and validate data quality

Hypatos Processing AI

Automate processing of information in upstream systems by matching master data & training AI based on historical processing

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Security at Hypatos

Protecting the data of our customers is our utmost priority at Hypatos. We have implemented a comprehensive set of security best practices to meet the highest industry standards and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our platform

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