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Your employees need to focus on their work, not on filling out tedious expense forms. However, you should still ensure that expenses are compliant with your company's policies as well as local and national regulations (e.g. sanctions lists). We automate T&E processing end-to-end

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End-to-end T&E automation

Our T&E hyperautomation technology classifies documents, extracts individual spending items, matches them to the categories in your spending policies and validates them against sanction lists and corruption using internal and external dataset. Finally, data is pushed to the next system of record so payments can be processed and explanations can be requested without human involvement in most cases.

Savings on expenses

Ensure compliance with internal policies and government regulations. Avoid excessive payments on expenses.

Easy for employees

They send in images. No need to input details

Easy for the finance / HR teams

Document hyperautomation classifies, extract and validates spending data. Most documents are automatically processed. Employees only work on complex cases where they are assisted by Hypatos Studio.

Constantly improving

Models improve as users process documents and correct mistakes

Feature comparison

Other Companies
Data extraction from invoices and receipts
Graphical User interface (no code) to deal with complex cases
Automated fraud identification
Matching expenses to expense categories to check for spending compliance vs internal policies
Robust compliance checks to minimize regulatory & legal risks
Fast integration via APIs

T&E hyperautomation is here

If most of your company’s expenses are not being processed end-to-end by machines, then it is time to free humans from machine work. Let’s talk

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Scanned receipt and flight ticket