Loan processing hyperautomation

Save your customers from waiting and focus your employees on complex cases. Hypatos enables banks to respond within seconds to loan requests by automatically processing all loan documentation.

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End-to-end loan automation

Current loan process in both unsecured loans, mortgages and commercial loans involve manual intervention in processing most documents. For an average bank, this process...

Costs tens of $millions/year with hundreds employees involved in the operation.

Slows down commercial growth / reduces customer satisfaction with a process that can take weeks

Is error-prone creating unpredictable compliance risk

Demotivates employees

Our loan hyperautomation technology classifies documents, extracts relevant data and identifies fraudulent documents. Finally, data is pushed to the next system of record so loan offers can be processed and explanations or additional documents can be requested without human involvement in most cases.

Improved loan decisions

Banking is decision making. With low quality data, banks can make wrong decisions. We ensure that manual mistakes do not impact loan decisions.

Reduced operational expenses

Most banks are manually processing most loan related documents. Hypatos technology automatically processes most loan documents.

Easy to integrate

Via well documented REST APIs. No need to make any changes to your core systems.

Constantly improving

Models improve as users process documents and correct mistakes

Feature comparison

Other Companies
Graphical User interface (no code) to deal with complex cases
Document classification
Data extraction from all relevant documents
Automated fraud identification
Fast integration via APIs

Loan hyperautomation is here

If most of the loan documentation that you receive are not being processed end-to-end by machines, then it is time to free humans from machine work. Let’s talk

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