Know Your Customer (KYC)

Banks and fintechs are spending millions per year on verifying their customer identities.

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End-to-end KYC automation

Customers can use utility bills, passports, rent agreements, government issued IDs etc. from various regions to validate their identity. Due to the limitations of legacy technologies and the various documents involved in the process, this is a mostly manual process. As a result, it is slow and error prone, leading to dissatisfaction at the worst moment for customers: new customer onboarding.

Hypatos deep learning models...

Classify the documents in incoming email, faxes or physical mail

Extract relevant data

Identify fraudulently created documents

Pass data to the next system of record via integration libraries

End-to-end automation

Document hyperautomation: Almost all KYC documents of your company can be processed with no human involvement resulting in an order of magnitude productivity improvement vs current process.

Easy to integrate

Via well documented REST APIs

Easy to use

Graphical User interface (no code) to deal with complex cases

Constantly improving

Models improve as users process documents and correct mistakes

Feature comparison

Other Companies
Document classification 
(Low accuracy for KYC companies, high accuracy for Hypatos)
Data extraction from KYC documents 
(Low accuracy for T&E companies, high accuracy for Hypatos)
Graphical User interface (no code) to deal with complex cases
Fraud identification
Fast integration to any system via APIs

Claims hyperautomation is here

If most of the claims that you receive are not being processed end-to-end by machines, then it is time to free humans from machine work. Let’s talk

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A Illustration of an passport and an scanned ID.